"Experience has taught me that success is not about party lines or party divides. Success is about collaboration, relationship and bridge building. It’s not rocket science, it takes hard work and a desire to make a difference.  I want to be that difference and bring common sense to state government."

Pat Vaughn


Economic Development 

Whether it is helping our booming communities make wise decisions on future planning for growth or creating avenues of prosperity for our struggling communities. Planning and vision for the future are essential. When communities prosper, everyone benefits.



A strong core education infrastructure is essential to developing the talent pipeline and skills needed for our developing and growing economic clusters, industries and businesses. Delivering a quality education system maximizes employment opportunities and provides for a long-term quality of life for the entire state. As a first generation graduate, I value education and understand the positive impact it makes on your life, work, family and future. 

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This includes maintaining our landscapes and scared properties. It is our job to provide responsible stewardship of our state’s open lands. We must commit to securing a legacy that we can all live with for our future generations. I believe that preserving our past helps us prepare for the future. 

Clean air is vitally important to our health and our children’s current and future health. Poor air quality robs us of so much and clean air is crucial to our children’s long-term health, prosperity and quality of life.

Let’s work together to ensure a future our children will want to inherit.